Its time to jump on the LED flashlight bandwagon and upgrade your old incandescent bulb flashlights. A MagLite LED upgrade will give you added durability, bulb life, and greatly reduce battery drain. The best part about a MagLite LED conversion is you get to keep the your old anodized aluminum flashlight casing. A simple upgrade of the bulb is all that is needed. You’ll enjoy the same high strength water resistant case you’ve come to love after the MagLite LED upgrade is complete.

Chose from the listed LED upgrade module’s below to convert your flashlight to the latest technology. There are MagLite LED conversion kits for the 3-watt mini flashlight, as well as 2, 3, and 4 cell C or D flashlights.

You may find some other “LED retrofit” kits out there but be warned that those are not official Mag engineered and approved and could void the lifetime warranty on your MagLite flashlight. Buy in confidence with official MagLite LED Upgrade and conversion accessories below.