These small handheld devices that project a green laser are valuable because the attract more attention than the traditional red laser pointer used by 95% or presenters. They are usually the size of a pen. When a button on the device is pushed, the laser begins to shine. Most pointers have less than 5 milliwatts (m W) of power, but it is possible to buy more powerful pointers. As the name indicates, green laser pointers are used to point to objects in order to bring attention to them. Many astronomers use them to point to stars and other objects in the sky as they are teaching groups of students outdoors. They may be used indoors to point to objects to bring attention to them as well, so they are sometimes used for various business purposes by teachers or those who work in construction who want to point something out.

There are also red or red-orange laser pointers, blue or violet pointers, and combination red and green lasers, but green pointers are easier for the human eye to see. This is because the eye is most sensitive to green. This feature makes green laser pointers the top choice for astronomers because green lasers produce a visible beam at much lower levels of intensity. One made of red would need to have a much higher wattage to produce a beam, and it would be dangerous to the human eye at this intensity. Rayleigh scattering, the same process that makes the sky appear to be blue, allows the human eye to see the green beam of light. Green lasers are often placed on telescopes to aim at certain stars, planets, constellations, and moving objects in the sky. A 5 m W green laser beam shines through the sky, and the beam will travel in the daylight or at night in lighted areas.
Laser pointers found on can be used as signals if someone is lost in a wooded area or other spot and cannot be found. They are very good tools to take if a person is going hiking or camping in a remote area.  In 2010, three people were lost in a marshland and were rescued after shining their red laser pen into the sky. Lasers are also frequently used in laser shows or as a background for musical acts on stage. They are also used on military laser guns to perfect the shooter’s aim. Laser pointers with higher intensities that are above 5 m W are so powerful that they can do many things, such as pop a balloon, light matches, or even turn a street light off. Animals are afraid of them, so they are a good tool to use if you are hiking or camping and an animal bothers you. A 5 m W laser will scare away most animals.


Laser pointers are sometimes misused by those who point them at airplanes or cars. They have the potential to blind a driver or pilot for at least a few seconds if the laser is targeted toward the driver’s eyes, or long enough to cause an accident. In the U.S., it is illegal to misuse a laser, and there are strict consequences including jail time for those who use lasers for the wrong purposes. It is a federal offence to interfere with any aircraft, and people in the U.S. and around the world have faced jail time because of using a laser improperly. In Australia, it is illegal to import green lasers, and they are considered a controlled weapon. It is legal to buy green laser pointers in the U.S. that are from 5 to 500 mWs like the ones offered in the online store, but they may be used indoors only.

Many types of green laser pointers are sold at, ranging in price from $50 to $100 and up. You can also find some lasers attached to telescopes and sold that way.  Browse our selection of the highest rated green lasers today.