The popularity of LED bulb technology in flashlights is booming.  LED flashlights have proven to be far superior to incandescent bulb flashlights. The shift to LED technology has occurred because LEDs are rugged, near unbreakable, and highly efficient unlike incandescent bulbs.

Maglite LED flashlights are the best of the best.  They offer well known form factors with exceptional brightness and power savings which will stretch your flashlight battery life beyond what you are used to.  It offers Intelligent Energy Source Management, which is a new technology to  balance battery life and flashlight brightness.  The beam is adjustable and include flood light and spot light settings.  Owners are given further flexibility because the Maglite LED module can be swapped out for a Krypton lamp which is included in the tail-cap.

Anodized aluminum alloy provides a high strength water resistant case for the Maglite LED flashlight.  Their line of flashlights that feature a led light bulb are all lightweight and shock resistant.  These high quality flashlights are nearly indestructible and last for decades.  A lifetime warranty protects owners should a failure occur.  Maglite LED flashlights offer consumers a durable, reliable product that will provide illumination for years to come.


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